Positive Vibes

There are a lot of things that happen around us, here and there, now and then, and many of them are unpleasant. I won’t pretend to be that unbreakable warrior, who doesn’t get depressed or doesn’t breakdown, because I am not. I am just like any other human, who has his highs and lows. But certain things that keep me going is the good side of the bad stuff and the fact that there will be highs after lows, after the darkness is gone, light is bound to show it’s face.

Motivation and encouragement are some of the other things that help me overcome dark times, the continuous support that I get from my family and friends are really soothing and relieving. One more thing that keeps me striving is writing, I write more when I’m sad or depressed and I also write more when I am too happy and can’t express, and the moment, Thank God for this, I’m the latter!

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