Three Little Lives

I am driving back from the doctors chamber, I am bankrupt, I got a divorce the month before, and the most important part, I am diagnosed with cancer. My life is completely wretched. I am the most unlucky man on the planet at that moment, or so I think.

I lock the car after parking it in my garage and get into the sixty  storied building, in which one  suite was mine. I am a rich man, but clearly money isn’t everything. And this money isn’t even real, I have almost nothing in the bank. My business has faced a serious loss in the last few months. I have the sleeping pills ready, I am going to attempt suicide now.

I just got selected in my job interview! I am getting on the public vehicle as usual. After a few months, I won’t have to travel by busses anymore. The salary is high. I’ll buy a car.
My mother would have been happy, she was the best person on earth, she passed away when I was 13. Anyway, I always believe she is beside me, always. I am the happiest person on earth! Money is everything!!

I don’t like living alone, I don’t like takeaways for lunch every day. I think I will never get a true company, or maybe someday I will.
I have tried cooking food by using the YouTube tutorials, but my stuff turns out to be shit. I don’t know what to do. I think I should just go and live with my mom, or dad. They are divorced, you know? They weren’t good parents, they use to have a fight all the time and I got so upset, or maybe…I wasn’t a good son.