Knowing Supratim – and the world around him!

From acting in short films to self-tutoring himself to be a director, Supratim Sinha Roy has done it all! So here is him on his new film “সystem” (System) to not getting producers and finally about how Woodpecker Creative Arts.

As I was watching সystem on my laptop yesterday morning, I immediately knew I needed to talk to the director, this exceptionally talented guy who thinks so beyond the ordinary. So I did have a chat, and no doubt it was truly worth it. As the monsoon wind was blowing over my face, I turned on the recorder, and totally got immersed.

Me: What, of all things, inspired you to create films?

Supratim: I didn’t even think I’ll make films one day, even in my wildest dreams! All I wanted to do is act, but it was soon after I started acting that I discovered that it was clearly not my cup of tea. Besides, I loved how directors said “Action!”. Even after that if there is something more that inspired me to direct films are the songs from the album of Rituporno Ghosh’s film “Khela”.

Me: What is সystem all about?


Supratim: All my films are based on the real life, current happenings and things that would never change, things that are unending, and সystem is no exception. My films generally talk about all that we can get temporary salvation from but are everlasting without us knowing, just like a damaged road that we mend only for it to get damaged again. Also, সystem speaks about the social food chain that is present in our society- the powerful feeds off the weak, like a parasite. Moreover, it is an incident that I witnessed myself- and the best part is that I shot it just where I saw it, just how I saw it!

Me: What was your fist film and what films did you make with Woodpecker Creative Arts after that?


Supratim: My first film with WCA was “Journey of Love“, then “Khela Sesh“, “Ebong Sayok“, ““, “Z“, “A Depart” and lastly “সystem“, and we are working on the post production of “সystem 2” and “Sir”, which is a dream project.

Me: How did Woodpecker Creative Arts start?

Supratim:I made a film called 101, which turned out to be worthless, after many other such fails I made Journey of Love, after gathering some cinematic knowledge from wonderful people like Anuradha di and Debdeep da. I also observed film-making for a while before making my first film. After the post-production of Journey of Love was over, our team sat down and that is when it struck us that we needed a production house name – that is when Woodpecker Creative Arts came up.

Me: Why did you and your team choose the name “Woodpecker Creative Arts”?

Supratim: When a woodpecker pecks on the tree trunk it unconsciously creates a piece of art, a sculpture on it. Maybe that art does not have a definite shape or doesn’t define art conventionally, yet it is something in its own way! Indie, zero budget filmmakers like us make stuff which are more “like a film” than a film, just like a woodpecker, hence the name.

Me: Do you dream of making full length cinema in the future?

Supratim: Where is the Producer? Aloo bechte ashe to shob! [and we laugh for three straight minutes!]. I went to a producer with a cinema, and he said “Aamar pem er golpo chai!” [I need a love story] , he didn’t even pronounce “prem” [love] correctly! I just couldn’t take it!! If any produce takes up my film, though he has to mad for doing that, after the release people will abuse it immensely and say “It’s shit!”, that’s what.

Me: Any film or filmmaker in particular that you look up to or idolize?

Supratim: I like all kinds of filmmakers and all their films. Films by Q or films by Srijit da (Srijit Mukherji) is as good to me as films by Satyajit Ray. All have different ways of expressing different things, and I love variety.

Me: Do you plan to study film-making in the future?

Supratim: Same question-for what will I study? Where is the producer?

And as we ended the chat, I was sure that we are ready to expect something greater from him in the near future!