Did all Disney Princesses live happily ever after?


Princess: Belle

When and Where: 1700s, France

Belle married into royalty, who extravagantly showed their status, but the aristrocacy was overthrown during the French Revolution.

ALADDIN (1992)

Princess: Jasmine

When and Where: 300s, Arabian Peninsula

Pre-Islamic Arabia was a modest society so women wore loose shapeless clothing, but after the commencement of the Islamic rule, women had to wear more restricted and veiled clothing.


Princess: Tiana

When and Where: 1920’s, New Orleans USA

Although New Orleans was an epicenter of Black culture, Jim Crow Laws enforced racial segregation afterwards.


Princess: Aurora

When and Where: 1300s, England

She was raised as a peasant before discovering her true royal identity, thus she lead a free and joyful life. But after the discovery of her true self she had to live a controlled life as at that time noblewomen, even after being well educated had to lead far more restricted life than peasant women.

So, did all Disney Princesses manage to live happily ever after?


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  1. hello jishnu its dennis the vizsla dog hay no they did not!!! but as they say the seekret to a happy ending is noing wen to stop the storry rite??? ha ha ok bye

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  2. Deep Neogy says:

    Whoa! Tht ws jst brthtking!

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    1. Thanks Deep, that means a lot to me!


  3. Thanks Adrish and Jakub!


  4. Jakub Andrew says:


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  5. Adrish Aditya says:

    Awesome idea!

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