The Legend that lived!

India has been losing gems for the past few years, yet one more was lost when the doctors announced him no more last Monday. The Missile man, the Legend, the scientist, the idol and moreover our very own Ex-pressident passed away on the evening of the first day of the week. I hope you have guessed whom I’m talking about by now? Yes, it is APJ Abdul Kalam or as the Amul advert States APJ Abdul Kamaal.

I was really shocked by the news as I switched on the television set as usual after completing all my work and found the news shaking the channels and the citizens of India alike. As my Facebook and Twitter newsfeed filled up with RIP statuses, one thing struck me was how many times did the news channels talk about him after he retired from the post of our President? How often where his school visits and speeches filmed and aired on television in his last few days? Wasn’t just selfish of the news channels to talk about his death and meet with TVR? (television rating)

Moving away from this controversy, I felt really hurt about the issue and I truly would like to say RIP APJ Abdul Kalam, where they  RIP would mean return if possible and not rest in peace.